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Adding a new slide
Adding a new slide
Basic steps
In Normal view, display
the slide that will be
before your new one –
click on it in the Outline/
Slides pane
New slides can be inserted at any position in a presentation
file. A bulleted list layout is normally used to display text and
is the default slide layout. We will discuss the various layouts
as we progress through the topic.
Open the City Music Store presentation file.
Click the New Slide
tool or press
[Enter] – a new bulleted
list slide, will be inserted
and the Slide Layout task
pane will appear
Take note
ake note
To delete a slide, select it in the Outline/
Slides pane and press [Delete] or open the
Edit menu and select Delete Slide.
To change the layout of
the slide, scroll through
the layouts and select the
one required
Select the slide to follow
Click New Slide
If you have changed the
slide layout, apply the
single bulleted list layout
to the slide again
Select the
bulleted list
If the Slide Layout task
pane does not appear, the
checkbox at the bottom of
the pane will have been
deselected. To display the
pane, choose Task Pane
from the View menu.
Pick a layout
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