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Adjusting the indent
Adjusting the indent
Basic steps
Click anywhere in the
Clarinet bullet point
The bullet points on your slides will be structured – you will
have main points (at the first bulleted level) and some of these
points will have sub-points (at the second, third, fourth or
even fifth level).
Click the Increase
Indent tool
Initially, all bullet points on your slide are at level 1. You can
easily increase or decrease the indent of bullet points to create
the structure required.
Repeat for Oboe,
Saxophone, Trumpet and
Trombone – to indent
several adjacent bullet
points at once, select
them and click
Display the Student Instrument slide in the City Music
Store presentation file.
On the Guitars slide,
indent the Les Paul,
Firebird and Flying V
under Gibson, and indent
the Stratocaster and
Telecaster under Fender
You can also increase or decrease the indent
by dragging the bullet point right or left.
Increase the indent
Select the points
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