Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Basic steps
Open the View menu,
choose Master then
select Slide Master
In the previous chapter we made changes to the text and bullet
points on individual slides. If you want to change the layout in
every slide in a presentation, you should make the changes to
the Slide Master. This holds the formatted placeholders for
the slide title and text. Any background objects you want to
appear on every slide (like your company name or logo) should
also be added to the Slide Master.
Hold down [Shift] and
click the Normal View
icon to go into the Slide
Master, or to the Title
Master if you are on the
title slide at the time
Any slides where you have changed the text formatting
at slide level will be treated as exceptions and will retain
the custom formatting you applied to them.
Amend the Slide Master,
using the normal
formatting techniques
The title slide has its own master. Changes made to the
Slide Master will not be reflected on your Title slide.
Click the Close Master
View tool to end
Format as normal
The slide-title master pair
Close the Master view
[Shift]-click to start
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