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Selecting objects
Selecting objects
Basic steps
To select a text object
The various tools on the Drawing toolbar can be used to
customize and add interest to your slides. The
Select objects
tool is used to select objects. Once selected, they can be
moved, resized, formatted or deleted. The tool is always active
unless you pick another tool from the Drawing toolbar.
Click on any text within
the area. Note the
handles that appear at the
corners and on the edges
of the selected object.
To select other objects
The Drawing toolbar is normally displayed along the
bottom of the PowerPoint window. If it is not displayed,
open the View menu, choose Toolbars, then Drawing.
Click anywhere inside the
object placeholder
To deselect an object
Click anywhere outside
the selected object.
To move
Click on the border of a
text object, or anywhere
within other types and
drag into position.
To resize
Drag one of the handles
(note the double-headed
pointer) until the object
is the required size.
To delete a text object
Select it, click the border
once, and press [Delete].
Select objects
To delete other objects
Take note
ake note
Select, and press
If you delete an object by mistake,
click the Undo tool
on the
Standard toolbar.
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