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Changing the order
Changing the order
Basic steps
Select the object you
wish to Bring Forward or
Send Backward
When you draw objects onto your slides, they lie in layers
relative to the order in which they are drawn. The first object
is on the bottom layer, the next one on a layer above the first
one and so on.
Open the Draw menu
Using this layering principle, you can create complex
drawings by overlapping objects one on top of another.
Select Order
Choose the order option
If you need to rearrange the layering of your objects, you can
do so using the Bring Forward and Send Backward commands.
Select Order
Take note
ake note
Set the order
Bring to Front
Bring to Front and Send to
Back move the selected
object to the top or
bottom of the pile of objects.
Bring Forward and Send
Backward move the object
through the pile one layer
at a time.
Click Draw
You can also set the order
through the shortcut menu –
right-click on a selected object
to open this, then select Order
and specify the option required.
T ake note
ake note
To align objects on a slide, e.g. by their
top, bottom or middle, use the Align or
Distribute options in the Draw menu.
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