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The Tables and Borders toolbar
Take note
ake note
Draw table
Select this tool, then drag on your
slide to create your table
If you draw a line in the
wrong place, remove it with
the Eraser – select
the tool, then click on the
line you wish to erase with
the tip of the Eraser.
Click on a line or border to erase it
Border style
Apply the current style or click the
arrow to display the styles options
Border width
Apply the current width or click the
arrow to display the width options
Border color
Apply the current colour or click the
arrow to displays the colour options
Switch borders on and off. Click the
drop-down arrow to display options
Fill color
Adds the current background colour
to the selected cells. Click the
dropdown arrow to display options
Table options
Click the down arrow to display
options for inserting/deleting rows/
columns, etc.
Merge cells
Select the cells to be merged, then
click the Merge Cells tool
Split cell
Splits the selected cell
Vertical alignment
Select the cell(s), then click an option
– top, centre or bottom of cell
Use a Title Only or Blank
slide layout when drawing
your table.
Distribute rows evenly
Adjusts row heights of selected rows
so that they are equal
Distribute columns evenly
Adjusts column widths of selected
columns so that they are equal
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