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Entering your data
Entering your data
Basic steps
Select the cell into which
you wish to enter your
own data
To display your own data, simply replace the sample data in
the Datasheet window with the data you want to chart.
If you do not need to replace all the sample data, you can
delete the columns or rows that are not required.
Key in the data
Move to the next cell you
want to work on – use
any of the methods
Right-click and select Delete
To delete unwanted cells
Right-click on the column
letter or row number of
the one you wish to
delete and select the
Delete option in the
shortcut menu
Click into a cell
Enter your data
Moving around your datasheet
There are a number of ways to move from cell to cell within the
Datasheet. You can use the:
Take note
ake note
Don’t enter too much
data – the chart will be
seen on a slide or
overhead. If it’s too detailed
your audience may not
fully appreciate it.
Arrow keys
one cell in direction of arrow
forward to the next cell
back to the previous cell
down to the next cell in a column
Point to the cell and click.
The cell you are in (your current cell) has a dark border.
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