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Hiding rows and columns
Hiding rows and columns
Basic steps
Display the datasheet if
You may have entered data into your datasheet, and then
decide that you don’t wish to display the data on the chart. If
you don’t want to delete the data, you can hide it. You can then
unhide it when you wish to display it, rather than have to type
it in again.
Double-click on the
heading – the letter at
the top – of the column
you wish to hide
Display the datasheet
Double-click the row
number to the left of the
row you wish to hide –
the data is dimmed and
will not appear on the
Double-click to hide
To reveal the data again
double-click on the
column heading or row
Take note
ake note
Click outside the chart
placeholder when you have
completed your chart.
Take note
ake note
To edit a chart, double-click on
it to display the toolbars, chart
menu and datasheet again.
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