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Figure 2–2
As you read this chapter, you will learn how to create the worksheet shown in
Figure 2–1 by performing these general tasks:
• Enter formulas and apply functions in the worksheet
• Add conditional formatting to the worksheet
• Apply a theme to the worksheet
• Work with the worksheet in Page Layout View
• Print a part of the worksheet
• Perform a Web query to get real-time data from a Web site and create a new
• E-mail the worksheet
Aesthetics versus
In designing a worksheet,
functional considerations
should come fi rst, before
visual aesthetics. The
function, or purpose, of a
worksheet is to provide a
user with direct ways to
accomplish tasks. Avoid
the temptation to use
fl ashy or confusing visual
elements within the
worksheet, unless they
will help the user more
easily complete a task.
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