Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
To Print a Section of the Worksheet
Click the OK
button to print
the worksheet
(Figure 2–71).
worksheet printed in
landscape orientation
Other Ways
1. Click Page Layout
tab on Ribbon, click
Page Setup Dialog
Box Launcher, click
appropriate tab, change
desired options, click
Print, click OK button
Figure 2–71
To Print a Section of the Worksheet
You might not always want to print the entire worksheet. You can print portions of the worksheet by selecting
the range of cells to print and then clicking the Selection option button in the Print what area in the Print dialog
box. The following steps print the range A3:F16.
Select the range A3:F16.
Print dialog box
Click the Offi ce Button and then
click Print on the Offi ce Button
menu to display the Print
dialog box.
Click Selection in the Print
what area to instruct Excel to
print only the selected range
(Figure 2–72).
Selection option
button selected
OK button
range A3:F16 selected
Figure 2–72
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