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E-Mailing a Workbook from within Excel
E-Mailing a Workbook from within Excel
Obtaining an E-Mail
Several Web sites that
allow you to sign up for
free e-mail are available.
Some choices are MSN
Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail,
and Google Gmail.
The most popular service on the Internet is electronic mail, or e-mail , which is the
electronic transmission of messages and fi les to and from other computers using the
Internet. Using e-mail, you can converse with friends across the room or on another con-
tinent. One of the features of e-mail is the capability to attach Offi ce fi les, such as Word
documents or Excel workbooks, to an e-mail message and send it to a coworker. In the
past, if you wanted to e-mail a workbook, you saved the workbook, closed the fi le, started
your e-mail program, and then attached the workbook to the e-mail message before sending it.
With Excel, you have the capability of e-mailing a worksheet or workbook directly from
within Excel. For these steps to work properly, you must have an e-mail address and one
of the following as your e-mail program: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express,
Microsoft Exchange Client, or another 32-bit e-mail program compatible with Messaging
Application Programming Interface.
To E-Mail a Workbook from within Excel
The following steps show how to e-mail the Silver Dollars Stock Club Portfolio Summary workbook from
within Excel to Juan Castillo at the e-mail address
With the Silver
Dollars Stock Club
Portfolio Summary
workbook open,
click the Offi ce
Button and then
click Send to display
the Send submenu
(Figure 2–82).
Offi ce
E-mail command
Send submenu
Send command
Figure 2–82
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