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Using the Paste Options Menu
Click the Paste button on the Ribbon
to copy the values and formats of
the last item placed on the Offi ce
Clipboard (range A9:A13) to the
destination area A19:A23.
Paste button
Scroll down so row 5 appears at the
top of the window (Figure 3–13).
What if data already existed in the
destination area?
When you complete a copy,
the values and formats in the
destination area are replaced
with the values and formats
of the source area. Any data
contained in the destination
area prior to the copy and paste
is lost. If you accidentally delete
valuable data, immediately click
the Undo button on the Quick
Access Toolbar.
Paste button
source area
range A9:A13
destination area
range A19:A23
Press the ESC key to remove the
marquee from the source area
and disable the Paste button on
the Ribbon.
Paste Options
Figure 3–13
Other Ways
1. Right-click source area,
click Copy on shortcut
menu, right-click
destination area, click
Paste on shortcut menu
2. Select source area and
point on border of
range; while holding
down CTRL key,
drag source area to
destination area
3. Select source area,
press CTRL+C, select
destination area, press
Using the Paste Options Menu
After the Paste button is clicked, Excel immediately displays the Paste Options button,
as shown in Figure 3–13. If you click the Paste Options button arrow and select an option
on the Paste Options menu, Excel modifi es the most recent paste operation based on your
selection. Table 3–4 summarizes the options available on the Paste Options menu.
Table 3–4 Options Available on the Paste Options Menu
Paste Option
Keep Source Formatting
Copy contents and format of source area. This option is the default.
Match Destination Formatting
Copy contents of source area, but not the format.
Values and Number Formatting
Copy contents and format of source area for numbers or formulas,
but use format of destination area for text.
Keep Source Column Widths
Copy contents and format of source area. Change destination column
widths to source column widths.
Formatting Only
Copy format of source area, but not the contents.
Link Cells
Copy contents and format and link cells so that a change to the cells
in source area updates the corresponding cells in destination area.
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