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Copying a Cell’s Format Using the Format Painter Button
Click cell A6 to assign the format
of cell A4 to cell A6 (Figure 3–45).
format of cell A4
copied to cell A6
Figure 3–45
With cell A6 selected, click the
Format Painter button on the
Ribbon and then click cell A16.
Select the range B16:H16, click the
Fill Color button on the Ribbon, and
then click the Orange, Accent 1 color
(column 5, row 1) on the Fill Color
Click the Font Color button on
the Ribbon, and then click the
Background 1 color (column 1,
row 1) on the Font Color palette
(Figure 3–46).
Apply the Currency style to the
range B16:G16.
format copied
to cell A14 and
range A16:H16
Figure 3–46
Other Ways
1. Click Copy button, select
cell, click Paste button, click
Paste Special command on
Paste menu, click Formats,
click OK button
2. Double-click Format Painter
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