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To Save an Excel Workbook as a Web Page in a Newly Created Folder
Type Stonegate Plumbing
1st Quarter Sales Web Page
in the File name box.
New Folder
new folder name
in text box
new folder
Click the ‘Save as type’ box arrow
and then click Single File
Web Page.
Click the Address bar arrow, select
UDISK 2.0 (E:) (your USB fl ash drive
name and letter may be different),
and then click the New Folder
button to create a new folder.
Web page fi le name
When Excel displays the new
folder with the name New Folder,
type Web Feature in the text
box (Figure 10).
Save as type
box arrow
fi le type results in
extension of .mht
Figure 10
Press the ENTER key. If the
Microsoft Offi ce Excel dialog box
appears, click the Yes button.
What does Excel do when I press
the ENTER key?
Excel automatically selects the new
folder named Web Feature in the
Address bar (Figure 11). The Entire
Workbook option button in the
Save area instructs Excel to save
all sheets in the workbook as
Web pages.
new Web Feature folder
on USB fl ash drive
selected in Address bar
and Navigation pane
saves all sheets in
workbook as Web page
Click the Save button in the
Save As dialog box to save the
workbook in a single fi le in HTML
format in the Web Feature folder
on the USB fl ash drive.
Save area
Save button
If the Microsoft Offi ce Excel
dialog box is displayed, click the
Yes button.
Figure 11
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