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To View and Manipulate the Web Page Using a Browser
To View and Manipulate the Web Page Using a Browser
With the Web page saved in the Web Feature folder on the USB fl ash drive, you can now view it using a
browser, as shown in the following steps.
If necessary, connect
the USB fl ash drive
with the Data Files
for Students to one
of the computer’s
USB ports.
fi le name in
address box
Click the Start button
on the Windows
Vista taskbar, click
All Programs on the
Start menu, and
then click Internet
Explorer in the All
Programs list.
When the Internet
Explorer window
opens, type e:\web
1st quarter sales
web page.mht in
the Address box
and then press the
ENTER key to display
the Web page in your
browser (Figure 13).
(Your USB fl ash drive
may have a different
name and letter.)
worksheet appears
as Web page
3-D Pie
Chart tab
1 st Quarter
Sales tab
is active
If the Internet
Explorer dialog box
appears, click the OK
button, right-click the
fi rst Internet Explorer button on the Windows Vista taskbar, and then click Close on the shortcut
menu. If a security warning appears in the Information bar at the top of the Web page, click its
Close button.
Figure 13
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