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Loan Payment Calculator
calculates monthly
payment, total interest,
and total cost on basis of
loan data entered
all cells in worksheet
except those in ranges
C3:C5 and E2:E3 are
protected so user cannot
change cells accidently
Schedule summarizes
loan information
over life of loan
Interest Rate Schedule lists
monthly payment, total
interest, and total cost for
interest rates between
4.50% and 7.75% in
increments of 0.25%
green background
and white font in cell
highlights row in data
table that corresponds
to rate in cell E2
Figure 4–1
The requirements document for the Braden Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator
worksheet is shown in Figure 4–2 on the next page. It includes the needs, source of data,
summary of calculations, special requirements, and other facts about its development.
As you read this chapter, you will learn how to create the worksheet shown in
Figure 4–1 by performing these general tasks:
• Create and format the Loan Payment Calculator section and use the payment function
• Create and format a data table that includes the interest rate schedule
• Create and format the amortization schedule and use the present value and future
value functions
• Create and test print areas in the worksheet
• Protect cells in the worksheet
• Check the formulas in the worksheet
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