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In Depth Information
When necessary, more specifi c details concerning the above guidelines are presented at
appropriate points in the chapter. The chapter also will identify the actions you perform and
decisions made regarding these guidelines during the creation of the worksheet shown in
Figure 4–1 on page EX 267.
Good Worksheet
Do not create worksheets
as if you are going
to use them only
once. Carefully design
worksheets as if they
will be on display and
evaluated by your fellow
workers. Smart worksheet
design starts with
visualizing the results you
need. A well-designed
worksheet often is used
for many years.
With a good understanding of the requirements document, an understanding of the
necessary decisions, and a sketch of the worksheet, the next step is to use Excel to create
the worksheet.
To Start and Customize Excel
If you are using a computer to step through the project in this chapter and you want
your screen to match the fi gures in this topic, you should change your computer’s
resolution to 1024
768. For information about how to change a computer’s resolution,
see page APP 21 in Appendix E.
The following steps, which assume Windows is running, start Excel based on a typical
installation of Microsoft Offi ce on your computer. You may need to ask your instructor
how to start Excel for your computer.
1 Click the Start button on the Windows Vista taskbar to display the Start menu.
2 Click All Programs at the bottom of the left pane on the Start menu to display the All
Programs list.
3 Click Microsoft Offi ce in the All Programs list to display the Microsoft Offi ce list.
4 Click Microsoft Offi ce Excel 2007 to start Excel and display a blank worksheet in the Excel
Multiple Worksheets
You can have more
than one instance of
Excel running. Besides
opening multiple
workbooks in Excel,
you can run multiple
instances of Excel. Each
instance of Excel will
show as a button on the
Windows Vista taskbar.
When you fi rst install
Excel, Excel shows all
open workbooks in the
taskbar. To change this
behavior, click the Excel
Options button on the
Offi ce Button menu,
click Advanced, remove
the checkmark from the
‘Show all windows in the
Taskbar’ check box, and
then click the OK button.
5 If the Excel window is not maximized, click the Maximize button next to the Close button
on its title bar to maximize the window.
6 If the worksheet window in Excel is not maximized, click the Maximize button next to the
Close button on its title bar to maximize the worksheet window within Excel.
To Bold the Entire Worksheet
The following steps assign a bold format to the entire worksheet so that all entries
will be emphasized.
1 Click the Select All button immediately above row heading 1 and to the left of column
heading A.
2 Click the Bold button on the Home tab on the Ribbon.
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