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Adding Custom Borders and a Background Color to a Range
12 Update the document properties with your name and any other relevant information.
13 With a USB fl ash drive connected to one of the computer’s USB ports, click the Save button
on the Quick Access Toolbar. Save the workbook using the fi le name Braden Mortgage
Loan Payment Calculator on the USB fl ash drive.
Shortcut Menus
Excel requires that you
point to the object
(cell, range, toolbar) on
the screen when you
right-click to display the
corresponding shortcut
menu. For example, if
you select the range
G6:J14 and right-click
with the mouse pointer
on cell A1, then the
shortcut menu pertains
to cell A1 and not the
selected range G6:J14.
Merge &
Center button
Bold button
width of columns C,
D, and E changed to
16.29 characters
width of column B
changed to
13.86 characters
width of column
A changed to
1.57 characters
Select All
Loan Payment
section title is
Title cell style
system date
formatted to
style with four
digits for year
height of rows 1
and 2 changed
to 23.25 points
and 30 points
Figure 4–4
Adding Custom Borders and a Background Color
to a Range
In previous projects, you were introduced to outlining a range using the Borders button
on the Home tab on the Ribbon. The Borders button, however, offers only a limited selection
of border thicknesses. To control the color and thickness, Excel requires that you use the
Border sheet in the Format Cells dialog box.
To Add Custom Borders and a Background Color to a Range
The following steps add a thick black border and a light blue background color to the Loan Payment
Calculator section. Rather than using the Fill Color button to color the background of a range as was done in
previous projects, the steps use the Fill sheet in the Format Cells dialog box. To subdivide the row titles and
numbers further, light borders also are added within the section as shown in Figure 4–1 on page EX 267.
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