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Creating Cell Names Based on Row Titles
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Figure 4–9
Cell References
in Formulas
Are you tired of writing
formulas that make no
sense when you read
them because of cell
references? The Name
Manager can help add
clarity to your formulas
by allowing you to assign
names to cells. You then
can use the names, such
as Amount, rather than
the cell reference, such
as H10, in the formulas
you create. To access the
Name Manager, click
the Formulas tab on the
Ribbon and then click the
Name Manager button.
Creating Cell Names Based on Row Titles
Worksheets often have column titles at the top of each column and row titles to the left
of each row that describe the data within the worksheet. You can use these titles within
formulas when you want to refer to the related data by name. A cell name is created from
column and row titles through the use of the Name command on the Insert menu. You
also can use the same command to defi ne descriptive names that are not column titles or
row titles to represent cells, ranges of cells, formulas, or constants.
Naming a cell that you plan to reference in a formula helps make the formula easier
to read and remember. For example, the loan amount in cell C6 is equal to the price in
cell C4 minus the down payment in cell C5. Therefore, according to what you learned in
earlier projects, you can enter the loan amount formula in cell C6 as =C4 – C5. By naming
cells C4 and C5 using the corresponding row titles in cells B4 and B5, however, you can
enter the loan amount formula as =Price – Down Payment, which is clearer and easier to
understand than =C4 – C5.
To Create Names Based on Row Titles
The following steps assign the row titles in the range B4:B6 to their adjacent cell in column C and assigns the
row titles in the range D2:D6 to their adjacent cell in column E.
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