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To Create a Percent Series Using the Fill Handle
To Create a Percent Series Using the Fill Handle
The next step is to create the percent series in column B using the fi ll handle. These percent fi gures will serve
as the input data for the data table.
With cell B10 selected, enter
4.50% as the fi rst number in
the series.
upper-left cell of
one-input data table
should not contain
an input value
Select cell B11 and then enter
4.75% as the second number in
the series.
fi rst two
of series
Select the range B10:B11.
Drag the fi ll handle through
cell B23 to create the border of
the fi ll area as indicated by the
shaded border (Figure 4–22). Do
not release the mouse button.
fi ll handle
cell B23
indicates last
value in series
Figure 4–22
Release the mouse button to
generate the percent series
from 4.50 to 7.75% and display
the Auto Fill Options button.
Click cell C9 to deselect the
range B10:B23 (Figure 4–23).
What is the purpose of the
percent fi gures in column B?
Excel will use the percent
fi gures in column B to calculate
the formulas to be evaluated and
entered at the top of the data
table in row 9. This series begins in
cell B10, not cell B9, because the
cell immediately to the left of the
formulas in a one–input data table
should not include an input value.
cell C9 is
Excel extends
percent series
to cell B23
Auto Fill
Figure 4–23
Other Ways
1. Right–drag fi ll handle in
direction to fi ll, click Fill
Series on shortcut menu
2. Select range, click Fill
button on Home tab on
Ribbon, click Down
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