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To Define a Range as a Data Table
input cell E2 selected as Column
input cell because varying percents
in data table are in a column
Click Data Table
on the What–If
Analysis menu.
Data Table
dialog box
When Excel displays
the Data Table
dialog box, click the
‘Column input cell’
box, and then click
cell E2 in the Loan
Payment Calculator
section (Figure 4–26).
What is the purpose
of clicking cell E2?
The purpose of
clicking cell E2 is
to select it for the
Column input cell. A
marquee surrounds
the selected cell E2,
indicating it will
be the input cell in
which values from
column B in the data
table are substituted
in the formulas in row 9. $E$2 now appears in the Column input cell box in the Data Table dialog box.
OK Button
percents are
in column
Figure 4–26
Click the OK button to
create the data table
(Figure 4–27).
How does Excel create
the data table?
Excel calculates the
results of the three
formulas in row 9
for each interest rate
in column B and
immediately fi lls
columns C, D, and E
of the data table. The
resulting values for
each interest rate are
displayed in the
corresponding rows.
fi lls one-input
data table
monthly payment
for loan amount in
cell C6 if interest
rate is 6.00%
total cost of
house if interest
rate is 7.00%
Figure 4–27
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