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Creating an Amortization Schedule
5 Select cell B1. Click the Format Painter button on the Ribbon. Click cell G1 to copy the
format of cell B1. Click the Merge & Center button on the Ribbon to split cell G1. Select
the range G1:K1 and then click the Merge & Center button on the Ribbon.
6 Enter the column titles in the range G2:K2 as shown in Figure 4–34. Where appropriate,
press ALT+ENTER to enter the titles on two lines. Select the range G2:K2 and then click
the Align Text Right button on the Ribbon. Select cell G3 to display the section title and
column headings as shown in Figure 4–34.
width of column F
changed to
1.57 characters
width of column
G changed to
8.43 characters
width of columns H
through K changed
to 14.00 characters
column titles
are on two
lines and
Figure 4–34
To Create a Series of Integers Using the Fill Handle
The next step is to create a series of numbers, using the fi ll handle, that represent
the years during the life of the loan. The series begins with 1 (year 1) and ends with 18
(year 18).
1 With cell G3 active, enter 1 as the initial year. Select cell G4 and then enter 2 to represent
the next year.
2 Select the range G3:G4 and then point to the fi ll handle. Drag the fi ll handle through cell
G20 to create the series of integers 1 through 18 in the range G3:G20 (Figure 4–35).
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