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To Copy the Formulas to Fill the Amortization Schedule
To Copy the Formulas to Fill the Amortization Schedule
With the formulas entered into the fi rst row, the next step is to copy them to the remaining rows in the
amortization schedule. The required copying is straightforward, except for the beginning balance column. To
obtain the next year’s beginning balance (cell H4), last year’s ending balance (cell I3) must be used. After cell I3 is
copied to cell H4, then H4 can be copied to the range H5:H20.
Select the range I3:K3 and then
drag the fi ll handle down through
row 20 to copy the formulas in
cells I3, J3, and K3 to the range I4:
K20 (Figure 4–40).
Why do some of the numbers
seem incorrect?
Many of the numbers displayed
are incorrect because most of the
cells in column H do not contain
beginning balances.
range I3:K3
copied to
range I4:K20
0s in column K are
result of empty
cells in column H
Auto Fill
Figure 4–40
Select cell H4, type =i3 as the cell
entry, and then click the Enter box
in the formula bar to display the
ending balance (227326.7922) for
year 1 as the beginning balance
for year 2 (Figure 4–41).
beginning balance
for each year is equal
to previous year’s
ending balance
Figure 4–41
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