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To Copy the Formulas to Fill the Amortization Schedule
With cell H4 active, drag the fi ll
handle down through row 20 to
copy the formula in cell H4 (=I3) to
the range H5:H20 (Figure 4–42).
What happens after the fi ll
operation is complete?
Because the cell reference I3 is
relative, Excel adjusts the row
portion of the cell reference as
it is copied downward. Thus,
each new beginning balance in
column H is equal to the ending
balance of the previous year.
with beginning balances
for each year calculated,
remaining values in
amortization schedule
now are correct
cell H4 copied to
range H5:H20
Auto Fill
ending balance
for year 18 is 0
Figure 4–42
To Enter the Total Formulas in the Amortization Schedule
The next step is to determine the amortization schedule totals in rows 21 through 23. These totals should
agree with the corresponding totals in the Loan Payment Calculator section (range B1:E6). The following steps
show how to enter the total formulas in the amortization schedule.
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