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More About Print Options
Click the Sheet tab and then click
‘Black and white’ in the Print
area to select the check box
(Figure 4–48).
enter name or
range to print
Sheet tab
Click the OK button.
set row or column
headings to repeat
on each new
printed page
black and
white check
box selected
control print
and color
print row
heading numbers
and column
heading letters
control page
order when
printing large
OK button
Figure 4–48
More About Print Options
Table 4–3 summarizes the print options available on the Sheet sheet in the Page
Setup dialog box.
Table 4–3 Print Options Available Using the Sheet Sheet in the Page Setup Dialog Box
Print Option
Print area box
Excel prints from cell A1 to the last occupied cell in a worksheet unless you instruct it
to print a selected area. You can select a range to print with the mouse, or you can
enter a range or name of a range in the Print area box. Nonadjacent ranges will print
on a separate page.
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