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To Name and Print Sections of a Worksheet
Click Set Print Area on the Print
Area menu.
range B1:E6
Click the Offi ce Button and then
click Print on the Offi ce Button
menu. When Excel displays the
Print dialog box, click the OK
button to print the selected area
(Figure 4–50).
Click the Print Area button on the
Ribbon and then click the Clear
Print Area command on the Print
Area menu to reset the print area
to the entire worksheet.
What happens when I set a
print area?
Once you set a print area, Excel
will continue to print the speci-
fi ed range, rather than the entire
worksheet. If you save the work-
book with the print area set, then
Excel will remember the settings
the next time you open the work-
book and print only the specifi ed
range. To remove the print area
so that the entire worksheet prints,
click Clear Print Area on the Print Area menu as described in Step 3.
Figure 4–50
Other Ways
1. Press ALT+F , T , S
To Name and Print Sections of a Worksheet
With some spreadsheet applications, you will want to print several different areas of a worksheet, depending
on the request. Rather than using the Set Print Area command or manually selecting the range each time you want
to print, you can name the ranges using the Name box in the formula bar. You then can use one of the names to
select an area before using the Set Print Area command or Selection option button. The following steps name the
Loan Payment Calculator section, the Interest Rate Schedule section, the Amortization Schedule section, and the
entire worksheet, and then print each section using the Selection option button in the Print dialog box.
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