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To Hide and Unhide a Sheet
unsuccessful attempt
to change monthly
payment in cell E4,
which is protected
Microsoft Offi ce Excel
dialog box with error
message appears
when user attempts to
change protected cells
Figure 4–59
To Hide and Unhide a Sheet
You can hide rows, columns, and sheets that contain sensitive data. Sheets are hidden by fi rst selecting one
or more of them and then using the Hide command on the sheet tab’s shortcut menu (Figure 4–60). Later, you
can use the Unhide command on the same shortcut menu to unhide sheets. You also learned earlier in Chapter 2
(page EX 126) that you can use the mouse and keyboard to hide and unhide rows and columns. The following steps
show how to hide and then unhide a sheet.
If the Braden Mortgage sheet is
not active, click its sheet tab.
Right–click the sheet tab to display
the shortcut menu (Figure 4–60).
shortcut menu
sheet tab
Hide command
Figure 4–60
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