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To Hide and Unhide a Workbook
Click Hide on the shortcut
menu to hide the Braden
Mortgage sheet.
dialog box
hidden sheets in
this workbook
Right–click any sheet tab to
display the shortcut menu.
Click Unhide on the shortcut
menu to open the Unhide
dialog box.
OK button
sheet hidden
When Excel displays the
Unhide dialog box, if
necessary, click Braden
Mortgage in the Unhide
sheet list (Figure 4–61).
When should I hide a sheet?
Hiding sheets in a workbook is not uncommon when working with complex workbooks that
have one sheet with the results the user needs to see and one or more sheets with essential
data that is unimportant to the user, and thus hidden from view. The fact that a sheet is hid-
den does not mean the data and formulas on the hidden sheets are unavailable for use on
other sheets in the workbook. This same logic applies to hidden rows and columns.
Figure 4–61
Click the OK button to unhide the Braden Mortgage sheet as it was shown in Figure 4–60.
To Hide and Unhide a Workbook
You hide an entire workbook by using the Hide button on the View tab on the Ribbon. Some users employ
this command when they leave a workbook up on an unattended computer and do not want others to be able to see
the workbook. The Hide command is also useful when you have several workbooks opened simultaneously and want
the user to be able to view only one of them. The following steps show how to hide and unhide a workbook.
Click the View tab on the
Ribbon (Figure 4–62).
View tab
Hide button
Full Screen
Hide Window
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