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Formula Checking
Click the Hide button
on the Ribbon to hide
the Braden Mortgage
Click the Unhide
button on the
dialog box
When Excel displays
the Unhide dialog
box, if necessary, click
Braden Mortgage
Loan Payment
Calculator in the
Unhide workbook list
(Figure 4–63).
name of
OK button
What else can I hide?
You can hide most
window elements
in order to display
more rows of
worksheet data.
These window
elements include
the Ribbon, formula
bar, and status bar.
The Excel window
elements can be
hidden by using the
Full Screen button
on the View tab on
the Ribbon (Figure 4–62
on the previous page).
These elements remain hidden only as long as the workbook is open. They redisplay when
you close the workbook and open it again.
Figure 4–63
Click the OK button to unhide the Braden Mortgage Loan Payment Calculator workbook as
it was shown in Figure 4–62 on the previous page.
Formula Checking
Similar to the spell checker, Excel has a formula checker that checks formulas in a worksheet
for rule violations. You invoke the formula checker by clicking the Error Checking command
on the Tools menu. Each time Excel encounters a cell with a formula that violates one of
its rules, it displays a dialog box containing information about the formula and a suggestion
on how to fi x the formula. Table 4–4 lists Excel’s error checking rules. You can choose
which rules you want Excel to use by enabling and disabling them in the Formulas area in
the Excel Options dialog box shown in Figure 4–64 on page EX 320.
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