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Formula Checking
Table 4–4 Error Checking Rules
Name of Rule
Cells containing formulas that result in
an error
The cell contains a formula that does not use the
expected syntax, arguments, or data types.
Inconsistent calculated column formula
in tables
The cell contains formulas or values that are inconsistent
with the column formula or tables.
Cells containing years represented as
2 digits
The cell contains a text date with a two–digit year that
can be misinterpreted as the wrong century.
Numbers formatted as text or
preceded by an apostrophe
The cell contains numbers stored as text.
Formulas inconsistent with other formulas
in the region
The cell contains a formula that does not match the
pattern of the formulas around it.
Formula that omits cells in a region
The cell contains a formula that does not include a
correct cell or range reference.
Unlocked cells containing formulas
The cell with a formula is unlocked in a protected
Formulas referring to empty cell
The cells referred to in a formula are empty.
Data entered in a table is invalid
The cell has a data validation error.
To Enable Background Formula Checking
Through the Excel Options dialog box, you can enable background formula checking.
Background formula checking means that Excel continually will review the workbook
for errors in formulas as you create or manipulate it. The following steps enable background
formula checking.
1 Click the Offi ce Button on the Ribbon, click the Excel Options button, and then click the
Formulas button.
2 If necessary, click ‘Enable background error checking’ in the Error Checking area to select it.
3 Click any check box in the ‘Error checking rules’ area that does not contain a check mark
(Figure 4–64 on the next page).
Excel Help
The best way to become
familiar with Excel Help
is to use it. Appendix C
includes detailed
information about
Excel Help and exercises
that will help you gain
confi dence in using it.
4 Click the OK button.
How can I decide which rules to have the background formula checker check?
You can decide which rules you want the background formula checker to highlight by
adding and removing check marks from the check boxes in the ‘Error checking rules’ area
(Figure 4–64). If you add or remove check marks, then you should click the Reset Ignored
Errors button to reset error checking.
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