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Figure 4–64
More About Background Formula Checking
When a formula fails to pass one of the rules and background formula checking
is enabled, then Excel displays a small green triangle in the upper–left corner of the cell
assigned the formula in question.
Assume, for example, that background formula checking is enabled and that cell
E4, which contains the PMT function in the Braden Mortgage workbook, is unlocked.
Because rule 7 in Table 4–4 stipulates that a cell containing a formula must be locked,
Excel displays a green triangle in the upper–left corner of cell E4.
When you select the cell with the green triangle, a Trace Error button appears
next to the cell. If you click the Trace Error button, Excel displays the Trace Error menu
(Figure 4–65). The fi rst item in the menu identifi es the error (Unprotected Formula). The
remainder of the menu lists commands from which you can choose. The fi rst command
locks the cell. Invoking the Lock Cell command fi xes the problem so that the formula no
longer violates the rule. The Error Checking Options command instructs Excel to display
the Excel Options dialog box with the Formulas area active, as shown in Figure 4–64.
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