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More About Background Formula Checking
is error
cell E4 contains
a formula and
it is unlocked
Trace Error
type of error
appears at
top of Trace
Error menu
Lock Cell
locks cell
Trace Error
displays Error
Checking area
in Excel Options
dialog box
Figure 4–65
The background formula checker can become annoying when you are creating certain
types of worksheets that may violate the formula rules until referenced cells contain data. It
is not unusual to end up with green triangles in cells throughout your worksheet. If this is
the case, then disable background formula checking by removing the check mark from the
‘Enable background error checking’ check box (Figure 4–64) and use the Error Checking
button on the Formulas tab on the Ribbon to check your worksheet once you have fi nished
creating it.
It is strongly recommended that you use background formula checking or the Error
Checking button on the Formulas tab on the Ribbon during the testing phase to ensure
the formulas in your workbook do not violate the rules listed in Table 4–4.
Certifi cation
The Microsoft Certifi ed
Application Specialist
(MCAS) program provides
an opportunity for you
to obtain a valuable
industry credential –
proof that you have the
Excel 2007 skills required
by employers. For
more information, see
Appendix G or visit the
Excel 2007 Certifi cation
Web page (
To Quit Excel
The following steps quit Excel.
1 Click the Close button on the right side of the title bar.
2 If Excel displays a Microsoft Offi ce Excel dialog box, click the No button.
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