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3. Use the Data Table button in the What–If Analysis gallery on the Data tab to defi ne the range E4:
H19 as a one–input data table. Use cell C6 (interest rate) as the column input cell. Format the data
table so that it appears as shown in Figure 4–66.
Figure 4–66
4. Use the Page Setup dialog box to select the Fit to and Black and white options. Use the Set Print
Area command to select the range B2:C9 and then use the Print command on the Offi ce Button
menu to print. Use the Clear Print Area command to clear the print area. Name the following
ranges: B2:C9 – Calculator; E2:H19 – Rate_Schedule; and B1:H19 – All_Sections. Print each range
by selecting the name in the Name box and using the Selection option in the Print dialog box.
5. Unlock the range C3:C7. Protect the worksheet so that the user can select only unlocked cells.
6. Press CTRL +` and print the formulas version in landscape orientation. Press CTRL +` to display the
values version.
7. Hide and then unhide the Monthly Loan Payment sheet. Hide and then unhide the workbook.
Unprotect the worksheet and then hide columns E through H. Print the worksheet. Select columns
D and I and unhide the hidden columns. Hide rows 11 through 19. Print the worksheet. Select
rows 10 and 20 and unhide rows 11 through 19. Protect the worksheet.
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