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Lab 2: Quarterly Income Statement and Break–Even Analysis
Problem: You are a consultant to The Bean Bag Game Company. Your area of expertise is
cost–volume–profi t or CVP (also called break–even analysis), which investigates the relationship among
a product’s expenses (cost), its volume (units sold), and the operating income (gross profi t). Any money
a company earns above the break–even point is called operating income, or gross profi t (row 21 in
the Break–Even Analysis table in Figure 4–70). You have been asked to prepare a quarterly income
statement and a data table that shows revenue, expenses, and income for units sold between 40,000 and
120,000 in increments of 5,000.
Figure 4–70
Instructions: With a blank worksheet on the screen, perform the following tasks.
1. Apply the Concourse theme to the worksheet. Change the font of the entire worksheet to bold.
Change the column widths to the following: A = 21.00; B= 26.00; C = 12.78; D = 0.50; E= 7.44; and
F through H = 11.22. Change the heights of rows 1 and 2 to 30.00 and 19.50 respectively. Name
the sheet tab Break–Even Analysis and color the tab Orange, Accent 3 (column 7, row 1 on the Tab
Color palette).
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