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8. Change the document properties as specifi ed by your instructor. Change the worksheet header
with your name, course number, and other information requested by your instructor.
9. Spell check and formula check the worksheet. Use Range Finder (double–click cell) to check all
10. Use the Page Setup Dialog Box Launcher on the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon to select the Fit
to and ‘Black and white’ options.
11. Unlock the following cells: C4, C5, C14, and C16. Protect the workbook so the user can select
only unlocked cells.
12. Save the workbook using the fi le name, Lab 4–2 The Bean Bag Game Company Quarterly Income.
13. Print the worksheet. Print the formulas version of the worksheet.
14. Determine the operating income for the data sets in Table 4–9. Print the worksheet for each data
set. You should get the following Operating Income results in cell C21: Data Set 1 = $333,606;
Data Set 2 = ($453,894); and Data Set 3 = $50,106.
15. Hide and then unhide the Break–Even Analysis sheet. Hide and then unhide the workbook.
Unprotect the worksheet and then hide columns D through H. Print the worksheet. Select
columns C and I and unhide the hidden columns. Hide rows 7 through 21. Print the worksheet.
Select rows 6 and 22 and unhide rows 7 through 21. Do not save the workbook.
Table 4–9 Operating Income Data
Data Set 1
Data Set 2
Data Set 3
Units Sold
Price per Unit
Material Cost per Unit
Manufacturing Cost per Unit
16. Submit the assignment as specifi ed by your instructor.
In the Lab
Lab 3: Loan Analysis and Amortization Schedule
Problem: The manager of eLoans Unlimited, Inc., an Internet–based lending institution, has asked you
to create the loan analysis worksheet shown in Figure 4–71. She also wants you to demonstrate the goal
seeking capabilities of Excel.
1. Apply the Aspect theme to a new worksheet. Bold the entire worksheet and change all the columns
to a width of 17.00. Change column A to a width of 0.41.
2. Enter the worksheet title in cell B1, apply the Title cell style, and change its font size to 24-point.
Enter the worksheet subtitle in cell B2, apply the Title cell style, and change its font size to 16-point.
One at a time, merge and center cells B1 and B2 across columns B through F.
3. Enter the row titles for the ranges B3:B5 and E3:E5 as shown in Figure 4–71. Use the Create from
Selection button on the Formulas tab on the Ribbon to assign the row titles in the ranges B3:B5
and E3:E5 to the adjacent cells in ranges C3:C5 and F3:F5, respectively.
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