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Figure 4–71
4. Enter 350000 (price) in cell C3, 75000 (down payment) in cell C4, 6.50% (interest rate) in
cell F3, and 30 (years) in cell F4. Determine the loan amount by entering the formula =Price
— Down_Payment in cell C5. Determine the monthly payment by entering the PMT function
—PMT(Rate / 12, 12 * Years, Loan_Amount) in cell F5.
5. Create the amortization schedule in the range B6:F36 by assigning the formulas and functions
to the cells indicated in Table 4–10 on the next page. Use names when appropriate. The years in
column B starting at cell B7 should extend from 1 to 30 years.
6. Enter the total titles in the range D37:D39 as shown in Figure 4–71.
7. Change the sheet tab name and color as shown in Figure 4–71.
8. Change the document properties as specifi ed by your instructor. Change the worksheet header
with your name, course number, and other information requested by your instructor.
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