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9. Spell check and formula check the worksheet. Use Range Finder (double–click cell) to check all
formulas listed in Table 4–10.
Table 4–10 Cell Assignments
Formula or Function
=IF(B7 <= $F$4, PV($F$3 / 12, 12 * ($F$4 – B7), –$F$5),0)
=C7 – D7
=IF(C7 > 0, 12 * $F$5 – E7, 0)
=E37 + F37 + F38
10. Use the Page Setup command to select the Fit to and ‘Black and white’ options.
11. Unlock the cells in the ranges C3:C4 and F3:F4. Protect the worksheet so that users can select any
cell in the worksheet, but can change only the unlocked cells.
12. Save the workbook using the fi le name Lab 4–3 eLoans Unlimited Loan Calculator.
13. Print the worksheet. Print the formulas version of the worksheet.
14. Use Excel’s goal seeking capabilities to determine the down payment required for the loan data
in Figure 4–71 if the monthly payment is set to $1,000.00. The down payment that results for a
monthly payment of $1,000.00 is $191,789.18. Print the worksheet with the new monthly payment
of $1,000.00. Close the workbook without saving changes.
15. Hide and then unhide the Loan Payment Calculator sheet. Hide and then unhide the workbook.
Unprotect the worksheet and then hide columns D through F. Print the worksheet. Select columns
C and G and unhide the hidden columns. Hide rows 6 through 39. Print the worksheet. Select
rows 5 and 40 and unhide rows 6 through 39. Do not save the workbook.
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