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The requirements document for the Silver Photography Accessories Sales Rep table is
shown in Figure 5–2. It includes the needs, source of data, calculations, special requirements,
and other facts about its development.
Excel as a
Database Tool
Even though Excel is
not a true database
management system,
such as Access or Oracle,
it does give you many
of the same basic
capabilities. For example,
in Excel you can create
a list; add, change, and
delete data in the list; use
computational fi elds; sort
data in the list; query the
list; and create forms and
Figure 5–2
The VLOOKUP function will be used to determine the grades in column J
in Figure 5–1a, based on the grade table in columns L and M in Figure 5–1b. The
DAVERAGE function will be used to fi nd the average age of female and male sales reps
in the table (range O4:R5 in Figure 5–1b). The DCOUNT function will be used to count
the number of sales reps that received a grade of A (range O6:R6 in Figure 5–1b). These
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