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6. Save the worksheet in different fi le formats. A variety of circumstances may require a
worksheet to be saved in a different fi le format. For example, the data in a worksheet
may need to be used in another program that is not capable of reading the Excel fi le
format. The CSV (comma delimited) fi le format is a fi le format that is one of the most
commonly used.
In addition, using a sketch of the worksheet can help you visualize its design. The sketch
of the table (Figure 5–3a) consists of the title, column headings, location of data values,
and an idea of the desired formatting. The sketch does not show the criteria area above
the table and the extract area below the table, which are included as requirements in the
requirements document (Figure 5–2). The general layout of the grade table, criteria area,
and required statistics are shown in Figure 5–3b.
When necessary, more specifi c details concerning the above guidelines are presented at
appropriate points in the chapter. The chapter also will identify the actions you perform and
decisions made regarding these guidelines during the creation of the worksheet shown in
Figure 5–1 on page EX 339.
(a) Table
(b) Grade Table, Criteria, and Statistics
Figure 5–3
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