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To Format a Range as a Table
Click the OK button
to create a table
from the selected
column headings
and correspond-
ing cells in the row
below it.
Table Tools
contextual tab
visible when
table is active
arrows appear
next to each
column heading
when table is active
Scroll down until
row 7 is at the top
of the worksheet
window (Figure 5–7).
Why does Excel
indicate that the
cells in row 9 are in
the table?
Excel automatically
creates an empty
row in the table so
that you are ready
to enter the fi rst
record in the table.
dark outline
table when
table is active
fi rst row
in table
Figure 5–7
Other Ways
1. Select range, on Insert
tab on Ribbon click
Table, click OK button
2. Select range, press
ALT + H + T , select
quick style
3. Select range, press
ALT + D , I , C
To Format the First Row in an Empty Table
If the table contains no data, as in Figure 5–7, then Excel sets the format of the cells
in the fi rst row to the default associated with the table quick style chosen when the table
was created. That is, if you assigned any formats to the fi rst row before it became part of
a table, then those formats are lost when the table is created. For this reason, if you create
an empty table and want the records to be formatted in a different manner associated with
the selected quick style, you must format the fi rst row after you create the table, as shown
in the following steps.
1 Select the range B9:H9 and then click the Center button on the Home tab on the Ribbon.
2 Right-click cell D9. Click Format Cells on the shortcut menu. When Excel displays the
Format Cells dialog box, click the Number tab, click Date in the Category list, click 03/14/01
in the Type list, and then click the OK button.
3 Select the range G9:H9 and then click the Comma Style button on the Ribbon. Click the
Decrease Decimal button on the Ribbon twice so columns G and H will display whole numbers.
Why are no changes apparent on the worksheet?
No visible changes appear on the worksheet, because the table contains no records. As
records are entered into the table, the assigned formats will apply, even as more rows are
added to the table.
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