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To Validate Data
To Validate Data
Excel has built-in data validation features to ensure that the data you enter into a cell or range of cells is
within limits. For example, the cells in the Gender column in Figure 5–8 should be either an F for female or an M
for male. Any entry other than M or F is invalid and should not be allowed. The following steps show how to use the
Data Validation button on the Data tab on the Ribbon to ensure that Excel will accept only an entry of F or M in the
Gender column.
Select cell B9, the
cell in the insert row
below the Gender
column heading in
cell B8.
Data tab
Click the Data tab on
the Ribbon and then
point to the Data
Validation button
on the Ribbon
(Figure 5–8).
cell in fi rst row
below Gender
column heading
is active
Figure 5–8
Click the Data
Validation button on
the Ribbon to display
the Data Validation
dialog box.
When Excel displays
the Data Validation
dialog box, if nec-
essary, click the
Settings tab, click
the Allow box arrow,
and then click List in
the Allow list.
dialog box
Settings tab
Type F,M in the
Source box.
Allow box
with List
check box
Click the In-cell
dropdown check
box to clear it
(Figure 5–9).
Source box
Figure 5–9
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