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To Validate Data
Click the Error Alert tab.
If necessary, click ‘Show error alert
after invalid data is entered’ to
select it.
If necessary, click the Style box
arrow and then click Stop in the
Style list.
Type Gender Invalid in the
Title text box.
Message tab
Alert tab
Type Gender code must be an
F or M. in the Error message box
(Figure 5–10).
Show error alert
after invalid data
is entered check
box selected
entry will
appear as title
of dialog box
Click the OK button.
Why are no changes evident on
the worksheet?
No immediate changes appear on
the worksheet. If, however, you try
to enter any value other than F or
M in cell B9, Excel rejects the data
and displays the Gender Invalid
dialog box created in Step 3.
Style box
indicates level
of error
message will
appear in
dialog box
OK button
Figure 5–10
Other Ways
1. Press ALT + A , V , V
To change an active list
back to a normal range
of cells, right-click the
range, point to Table
on the shortcut menu,
and then click Convert
to Range on the Table
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