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To Enter Records into a Table
Enter the sales rep
record for the third
sales rep as shown in
Figure 5–17.
Drag the table sizing
handle to cell H21
to add 10 new
rows to the table
(Figure 5–17).
Why were all of the
rows not added to
the table in Step 1?
Steps 1 through 3
demonstrate three
different methods
of adding rows to
a table. The fi rst
method can be used
when you are adding
a number of rows
to the table and do
not know how many
rows you are going
to add. The second method can be used when you need to add one additional row to a table that you previously
created. The third method can be used when you know exactly how many rows you need in a table.
third sales
rep added
to table
ten new
rows added
to table
Figure 5–17
Enter the remaining
sales reps’ records as
shown in Figure 5–18.
Select cell A23
(Figure 5–18).
if I enter
an invalid
Gender code?
If you entered an
incorrect Gender code
while entering the
sales reps‘ records,
then Excel should
have displayed
the dialog box in
Figure 5–11 on
page EX 350. After
you click the Retry or
Cancel button in the error
message dialog box, Excel requires you to reenter all values up to and including the value in error.
all records
entered in
sales rep
Figure 5–18
Other Ways
1. Press ALT + J , T
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