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To Use the VLOOKUP Function to Determine Letter Grades
Scroll the worksheet
so that row 7 is the
top row and then
select cell A23 to
show the completed
sales rep table
(Figure 5–24).
How is the VLOOKUP
function determining
the grades?
From column J, you
can see that the
VLOOKUP function
is not searching for a
table argument that
matches the lookup_
value exactly. The
VLOOKUP function
begins the search at
the top of the table
and works down-
ward. As soon as it
fi nds the fi rst table
argument greater
than the lookup_
value, it returns the
previous table value.
The letter grade of F is
returned for any value greater than or equal to 0 (zero) and less than 60. A score less than 0 returns an error message
(#N/A) to the cell assigned the VLOOKUP function.
table is
Figure 5–24
Other Ways
1. Click Insert Function
box in formula bar, click
‘Or select a category‘
box arrow, click Lookup
& Reference, click
VLOOKUP in ‘Select a
function‘ list
2. Click Formulas tab on
Ribbon, click Lookup &
Reference button, click
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