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To Add a Conditional Formatting Rule with an Icon Set
Click Icon Sets in the list to display
the Icon area in the Edit the Rule
Description area.
Click the Icon Style box arrow
to display the Icon Style list and
then scroll and point to 5 Arrows
(Colored) in the list (Figure 5–26).
Click a variety of icon styles in the
Icon Styles list to view the options
in the Edit the Rule Description
area for each option.
Icon area
appears when
Icon Sets format
style selected
Icon Style
box arrow
Click 5 Arrows (Colored) in the list.
Click the top Type box arrow and
then click Number in the list.
Change the Type to Number for
the remaining Type boxes.
Type 0.92 in the fi rst Value box,
0.8 in the second Value box, and
0.7 in the third Value box.
5 Arrows
icon style
Type 0.6 in the fi nal Value box
and then press the TAB key to
complete the conditions
(Figure 5–27).
Why do the numbers next to each
icon change as I type?
The area below the word Icon
represents the current condi-
tional formatting rule. Excel
automatically updates this area
as you change the conditions on
the right side of the Edit the Rule
Description area. Use this area as
an easy-to-read status of the
conditions that you are creating.
Figure 5–26
values typed as
decimal fraction
all types
changed to
icons and
rules listed
in Icon area
OK button
Figure 5–27
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