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To Use the Total Row Check Box
Click the Total Row
check box on the
Ribbon to hide
the total row
(Figure 5–32).
Layout tab
Row check
Click the Header
Row, Banded Rows,
and Banded Columns
check boxes on the
Ribbon. When fi n-
ished viewing the
formatting caused by
checking these check
boxes, uncheck the
check boxes.
What are banded
As you have learned,
banded rows include
alternating colors
every other row.
Similarly, banded
columns provide
alternating colors
every other column.
You also can include
a different color for
the fi rst and/or last
column in a table.
The quick style that
you choose for a
table must have
these colors defi ned in the quick style. The quick style used in this chapter does not include special formatting for the
fi rst and last columns.
Total row
Figure 5–32
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