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To Display Automatic Subtotals in a Table
and grand total each time the State fi eld changes. The most common subtotal used with
the Subtotals command is the SUM function, which causes Excel to display a sum each
time the control fi eld changes.
To Display Automatic Subtotals in a Table
In addition to displaying subtotals, Excel also creates an outline for the table. The following steps show how
to display subtotals for the Quota fi eld and YTD Sales fi eld by state.
Click the State arrow
in cell E8 and then
click Sort A to Z in
the State AutoFilter
menu to sort the
table in ascending
order by State.
With cell A9 active,
right-click anywhere
in the table and
then point to the
Table command on
the shortcut menu
to display the
Table submenu
(Figure 5–43).
Why does the table
need to be converted
to a range?
It is most important
that you convert
the table to a range
before attempting
to click the Subtotal
button. If the table
is not converted to
a range, then the
Subtotal button on
the Data tab on the
Ribbon is dimmed
(not available).
to Range
Figure 5–43
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