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To Remove Automatic Subtotals from a Table
To Remove Automatic Subtotals from a Table
The following steps show how to remove the subtotals and convert the range back to a table.
Click Subtotal on the Ribbon to
display the Subtotal dialog box
(Figure 5–49).
Click the Remove All button.
dialog box
Select the range A8:J21 and then
click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
Click the Format as Table button
on the Ribbon and then click the
Custom quick style in the Format
as Table gallery.
When Excel displays the Format
As Table dialog box, click the OK
All button
Figure 5–49
Other Ways
1. Press ALT + A , B , ALT + R
To Sort a Table Using a Column Heading List
The following steps sort the Silver Photography Accessories Sales Rep table into
its previous sort order, sorted in ascending sequence by hire date.
Some spreadsheet
specialists use the fi ll
handle to create a series
in an additional fi eld in
the list that is used only
to reorder the records
into their original
1 Select cell A9 (or any cell in the table) to make the table active.
2 Click the Hire Date arrow and then click Sort Oldest to Newest in the Hire Date AutoFilter
menu to sort the table in ascending sequence by hire date.
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