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Querying a Table Using AutoFilter
Querying a Table Using AutoFilter
Sort Options
You can sort left to right
across rows by clicking
the Options button in
the Sort dialog box
(Figure 5–41 on page
EX 373) and then clicking
Sort left to right in the
Orientation area. You
also can click Case sensi-
tive to sort lowercase
letters before the same
capital letters for an
ascending sort.
An alternative to using a data form to fi nd records in a table that meet comparison criteria
is to use the column heading arrows. The Filter button on the Data tab on the Ribbon or
the Filter command on the Sort & Filter menu on the Home tab on the Ribbon places the
arrows to the right of the column headings in a table. Thus, the query technique that uses
the column heading arrows is called AutoFilter .
When you fi rst create a table, Excel automatically enables AutoFilter; the column
heading arrows thus appear to the right of the column headings. You can hide the arrows
so they do not show by toggling one of the two commands listed above.
AutoFilter displays all records that meet the criteria as a subset of the table by hiding
records that do not pass the test. Clicking a column heading arrow causes Excel to display,
among other commands, a list of all the items in the fi eld (column) in an AutoFilter menu.
If you deselect an item from the AutoFilter menu, Excel immediately hides records that
contain the item. The item you deselect from the AutoFilter menu is called the fi lter
criterion . If you select a fi lter criterion from a second column heading while the fi rst is still
active, then Excel displays a subset of the fi rst subset. The process of fi ltering activity based
on one or more fi lter criteria is called a query .
To Query a Table Using AutoFilter
The following steps show how to query the Silver Photography Accessories Sales Rep table using AutoFilter,
so that the table displays only those records that pass the following test:
Gender = F AND Sales Area = Inside
Click the Gender arrow in cell B8
to display the Gender AutoFilter
menu (Figure 5–50).
What is displayed below the
Text Filters command on the
AutoFilter menu?
The list below the Text Filters
command is a list of all of the
values that occur in the selected
column. The top item, (Select All),
indicates that all values for this
fi eld currently are displayed in
the table.
clicking Gender
arrow causes Excel
to display Gender
AutoFilter menu
Gender AutoFilter
menu includes sort
commands, entries in
fi eld, and other useful
query commands
Figure 5–50
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