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To Query a Table Using the Advanced Filter Dialog Box
To Query a Table Using the Advanced Filter Dialog Box
Using the Advanced Filter dialog box is similar to using the AutoFilter query technique, except that it does not
fi lter records based on comparison criteria you select from a table. Instead, this technique uses the comparison criteria
set up in a criteria range (A2:J3) on the worksheet.
The following steps show how to use the Advanced Filter dialog box to query a table and show only the records
that pass the test established in the criteria range in Figure 5–57 on the previous page (Gender = F AND Age > 25
AND Grade > C).
Select cell A9 to activate the table.
Click the Data tab on the Ribbon
and then click the Advanced but-
ton on the Ribbon to display
the Advanced Filter dialog box
(Figure 5–58).
Data tab
What is displayed already in the
Advanced Filter dialog box?
In the Action area, the ‘Filter the
list, in-place’ option button is
selected automatically. Excel auto-
matically selects the table (range
$A$8:$J$21) in the List range box.
Excel also automatically selects
the criteria range ($A$2:$J$3)
in the Criteria range box, because
the name Criteria was assigned
to the range A2:J3 earlier.
dialog box
instructs Excel to display
records that meet
criteria in current list
location on worksheet
selected because
table is active
Excel automatically
selects range
assigned name
OK button
Figure 5–58
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